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Bin Yang

Bin Yang, born in 1976, is a distinguished graduate of the Chinese National Academy of Arts, holding a master's degree. Recognized as an esteemed artist by the Chinese Academy of Oil Painting, he has dedicated many years to teaching at Shijiazhuang Tiedao University. Moreover, he is honored to be a member of both the American Artists Association and the Hong Kong Artists Association.


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Bin Yang

Related Exhibitions

2007, his work "Labrang Monastery under the Sun" was invited to the opening ceremony of Songzhuang Art Festival in China.

2008, his work "Fire Truck" was selected to participate in the "Searching for the Source and Asking the Way" oil painting exhibition of the National Art Museum of China.

2008, "Small Street" and "Labrang Monastery under the Sun" were invited by the Taiwan Shan Art Foundation to participate in the "Yang Feiyun Teacher and Student Exhibition" held in Taipei.

2011, the work "Still Life" was selected for the second "Excavation and Discovery of New Talent Exhibition".

2012 Participated in "Heart and Honesty - Academic Exchange Exhibition" organized by China Oil Painting Academy

2012 Invited by Shenzhen Municipal Government to participate in "Shenzhen Cultural Fair".

2012 Participated in the "Daily Up" Chikuchung Art Museum 2012 Annual Nomination Exhibition of Famous Artists - Nominated by Mr. Yang Feiyun

2013 Seeking the source and asking the way - Art Phoenix - Chinese Oil Painting Academic Invitation Exhibition

2014 Heart and Honesty Oil Painting Exhibition Manai Grass Art Museum

2015 The work "Still Life" was selected in Beijing International Biennale

2015 Academic Invitation Exhibition of Copying World Classical Paintings Xi'an Liangbao Lou Art Museum

2016 Six People Walking - Small Oil Painting Exhibition Mimen Art Museum

2017 Love travels a thousand miles. Painting My Mountains and Rivers Exhibition of Sketching Works of Oil Painters from Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait

2017 Yang Bin oil painting exhibition in the United States

2017 Conducted an exchange sketching activity with Taiwanese artists in the season of "Snowflake Painting Clear May Drift" in Tong Hua, Taiwan

2017 Organized an art tour and exchange activities for artists from the China Oil Painting Academy around the United States

2018 Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting Works Jiangxi Art Museum

2018 Clarification of the Way - China Oil Painting Academy 2017 Invited Young Artists' Works Exhibition

2019 Celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up Deeper into the life and rooted in the people - China Oil Painting Academy sketching creation exhibition

2019 Beautiful Countryside Oil Painting Manlun Oil Painting Academy of China Art Museum



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